The Crew Source | Legal Action Against

The above-entitled case came on regularly for hearing on July 22, 2014 in Department N of the above Court, the Honorable Craig D. Karlan presiding. . . .Defendents did not appear or participate in the proceedings, their answers having been stricken as the result of their conduct during discovery. At the hearing, oral and documentary evidence was introduced on behalf of the plaintiff, including all of the contents of the files of this court and the matter was deemed submitted. The Court, having considered the evidence and testimony, hereby issues the following Statement of Decision. (from the Crew Source case)

The Crew Source | Judgement Against

Pursuant to this Court’s Statement of Decision and Ruling of August 13, 2014 that judgement shall be for plaintiff and against all defendants AND pursuant to this Court’s ruling of April 23, 2015, that The Crew Source, LLC is hereby deemed to be a continuation of and an alter ego of the H.E. Woolsey Corporation, d/b/a The Crew Source, and therefore will be added as an additional judgement debtor: